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The Significance of Today……

Today is my Mom’s 73rd birthday! Mom has always been lively, a caretaker,  supportive,  hardworking, a sounding board, an advice giver, a friend, and my biggest fan. I would classify her as an “energizer bunny” of sorts.  She could work circles around people half her age.  The one thing that I have never considered? She’s aging!

Recently, she has had a few health problems.  The “c” word which seems to touch all of us in some way, errr!  Yet, it was skin cancer, treatable, thankfully.  But now I have thought more about her age, more about her mortality!  She has too, I guess, because she has made plans now for those moments that may come when she can’t care for herself.   She has transferred the house into my brother’s and my name.  My name is on her bank accounts and we have been informed  of where “important” papers can be found if we need them.  She has a paid burial plot.

These are all important, good things to have in order.  I know that she feels better planning ahead, yet I have a feeling of dread facing these things.  I have been fortunate to have a Mom who has been there for me and supported me.  Being a mom my self  I now know that I haven’t been as appreciative as I could be for all that she has done for me.

I know part of the concern is that I have to face the fact…. I am going through the aging process too!  Now I say things like, “well when Mom was my age she had already been married for 25 years and was divorced by now”.  “Mom was a grandma when she was my age”.

She raised my brother and myself basically alone on a waitress’ wage.  I knew when things were tough, but I don’t know if I really knew.  What was it  like to live with an alcoholic for all those years and eventually face her own addiction problems?  How did she manage and still be there for us?

I hope that in some way I can be a testament to Mom and her sacrifices.  I will strive to carry out her wishes, whatever they are, in hopes of paying back some of what she has done for me.  Hopefully, I can love my children as unconditionally as she has loved me, even when it was difficult! I will work towards having that boundless energy,  compassionate heart, and her capacity to gain strength through adversity.

She may be preparing for the next step in life but I won’t let her go anytime too soon.  I still look forward to many days ahead!  There are life lessons I have yet to learn from her and I plan on being a good student, a better student then I have been, up to this point.  Cheers, to making the most of every moment!

You Know What It’s Like – Jane







Randomly Passing My Cat On the Stairs!

I was lying awake thinking of what to blog about today, well that may be an understatement.  Okay, so I was trying really, really in earnest to turn my mind off, quiet my thoughts and get some shut-eye, but it just wasn’t happening so here I am. Thankfully my trusty felines, followed me to the kitchen for their daily routine of breakfast coupled with a few ear I scratches and tail rubs.

At this moment we have our eleven year old black, domestic short-haired name, Friday.  Yes, he is no doubt enjoying the fact that his  holiday is fast approaching and he can perch in the window in a very Halloweenesque fashion, occasionally treating the costume wearing audience to a brief back arch silhouette.  Ah yes, a moment of glory for a pampered pet.  He is a kind docile old sort.  On most days after breakfast he enjoys trying to prevent my oldest from getting up for school with his warm inviting purrs and slightly overweight body!  Cat oddities for Friday?  Well he would just as soon run to the kitchen and eat cucumbers then for an open can of tuna and he likes to carefully “wet” his dry cat food in his water before eating it.  Truly, he takes one small piece of food in his mouth and carefully deposits it in his water bowl then uses his paw to scoop it out and eat it!  Yes, off of his scooped paw!  I may have to take a video of this and post it on here. Oh what my cat will do to attempt to make his dry food wet! I guess when he is out of his “stash” of wet this must be his cheap drug of choice!

And then we have our Chester who is six.  He has a classic tiger-striped forehead, white paws and a white-collar.  Our vet healthcare staff always rave about his beautiful markings.  Funny because as lovely as he looks he can get the most ugly appearance.  His eyes can go from slits to enormous in a nano second!  It reminds me of Puss in Boots from Shrek and it is a little creepy.  But he too is a good cat!  He is my foot warmer at night, my lap cat  when I am trying to blog or quite frankly doing any computer work.  His peculiarities?  He enjoys chewing on any plastic bags, well okay that is wrong he typically chews on the better quality bag, not a grocery store type, but a real good Ziploc storage bag.  Now that he can dig his teeth into.  I have found bags that I thought were out of sight literally deemed barely recognizable any longer.  He doesn’t eat them he just pokes holes in them, they end up appearing like they were shot with a cat-sized automatic assault weapon. Chester also is the house “welcome wagon” and will come running even out of the deepest sleep to welcome us and also our visitors.

So randomly passing your cat on the stairs, well I don’t know why but this strikes me funny every time. I typically use my basement stairs dozens of times during the day and Friday and Chester’s  litter boxes are downstairs so at least several times a week we pass each other on the stairs!  We don’t make any exchanges, no cuddling, petting or “speaking”, just passing each other. We each have a mission at the time that doesn’t involve the other in any way. It is a reminder to me that we are “not alone”.  We actually have fur covered critters that share our whole house with us all day, every day, good days, bad days, just everyday living, they are there experiencing it in their own way. Yes this makes me smile!

You Know What It’s Like – Jane

You Know What It’s Like…

So this is just a quick rant because ever since I named my blog it has haunted me that I couldn’t use an apostrophe in its (it’s).  I know it should be there but I couldn’t use symbols etc. when choosing a name.  Yikes! My family would all be hating on me about this.  So I suppose the only way I will be able to live with this, because I do like the title of my blog, is maybe to end each blog with the correct punctuation. This will have to make it all well in the world of grammar and punctuation nazi’s! haha

You Know What It’s Like – Jane

Living Life In A Rearview Mirror!?!

You know how you casually glance at your rearview mirror when you are driving? It’s automatic!  We are on auto-pilot until something shakes us into reality.  That is exactly what happened to me about three months ago.

This was a small fender bender.  One minute I was in heavy traffic approaching a stoplight , then as I made the ritual glance in my rearview mirror, I was awaken to the reality that the car approaching me would not be stopping until it engaged my back bumper!  For the most part besides waiting in the rain for 45 mins for the police to show up, this was a pretty hassle-free “bump” in my day. My teenage daughter and I were not hurt, the young female offender was not hurt and the damage to my vehicle was minor.  So yay!

However, now I seem to be panicked every time I approach a stoplight.  I am definitely overly concerned wondering if the person behind me will have the brains to use their brakes correctly!   I am constantly glancing in my mirror, so often now I have actually had to slam on my own brakes.  I call this an overabundance of caution.

Since I have come to face my slight obsession with my rearview, I have had the realization that as adults I think we often live with too much of a rearview.  Keeping our eyes on our past and letting that steer us, driving us on only familiar paths.  When we were children and teenagers we were interested in looking out the windshield, taking in everything as it came into view.  Maybe making a side glance here and there but then eagerly awaiting what was on the horizon.  This may have been a bit whimsical, maybe a little thrill seeking but it seemed to be the zest of life!

If we look back too much we may miss what is in front of us.   As adults we may always make that extra glance.  After all, we have valuable wisdom we can refer to that we have gained through our experiences.  But now I am willing to put my eyes back on the roadway going forward. I am going to step out of my “overabundance of caution”.  I will quit obsessing about what is behind me, reclaiming a little whimsy or possibly even some thrill seeking while pursuing that which is in front of me!  Let’s go!

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