You Know What It's Like

Unbelievable! Everyday happenings!

“Blog, Blah, Blues”

So before the day started, while I was lying in bed, I had all the details for my latest blog.  Complete with the perfect opener and the right tags!  Wow, and then I woke up I guess and it was gone. errr!

Why is it that the best ideas come when you are in some state of half consciousness?  I would bet that the greatest inventions and cures have been a light bulb moment when someone is about to become  unconsciouse or conscious for the day.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be plugged into a reader that could print out your dreams and ideas while you were still out of it?  Of course equally as wonderful would be an erase button and maybe an escape key.  You could just rid yourself of bothersome thoughts and file away the wonderful things. Well I guess until that day gets here I will just have to try in vain to remember my best thoughts and write them down upon awaking!

Monday tomorrow, the first day of being unemployed, again! So most of tomorrow will be spent perusing the classified ads, and surfing the internet for jobs.  Not looking forward to that.  But  I’m like  so many other people in the same boat.

Well, I don’t think this is going anywhere else today so I will try to regain my memory  and write something tomorrow.  A new week so a new start think I will go make some goals maybe I will write about that tomorrow if I don’t remember my “perfect blog” idea!

“Got the Blog, Blah, Bluessssssss!”

You Know What It’s Like – Jane

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8 thoughts on ““Blog, Blah, Blues”

  1. happinessvirus on said:

    The perfect blog.. made me laugh given you might just buy a book called the Gifts of Imperfection 😉

    Keep a dream journal; record your dreams when you wake up, as soon as you wake up, whatever fragments of them you have. I do this and it’s amazing what you can see this way, because you’re consciously aware of what you unconscious mind was telling you. Before you sleep, you can even ask your unconsious mind to let you remember what you need to remember the next morning. At 3 a.m. this morning, I did this, and knew that one of my 30 reasons to journal was going to be on mental health – which I knew already – but it was going to be about the blues, and I would call it “learning to live life in a different colour.” Now – is that serendipty or what? Caroline

    • Caroline – thanks for the tip! It is a tad ironic isn’t it. I haven’t read your blog yet but plan on popping over there I am intrigued by the struggles we all have with depression or blue moods! Jane

  2. That’s why I always have a notepad beside my bed, if I have an idea, I write it down; or I get up and do it, I am that crazy.


  3. Just noticed my avatur thingy doesn’t show. Go to Dashboard, Settings, Discussion, down the bottom ‘Show avatars’ and change G to PG.


  4. this happens to me all the time. got blow-dry your hair or vacuum…that’s always when i remember. 🙂

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