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Oh Friday How I Love Thee! (even more this week)

Friday, oh how I love thee!  That is definitely how I am feeling today.  Fridays are always good because currently I have Friday to myself and can catch up around the homestead, run some errands and perhaps squander some time blogging.

The arrival of Friday was a bit sweeter this week because it has just been one of those frustrating weeks that you keep repeating to yourself, “What? Really?”.  Oh well now is now and I hope to have time to finish this blog before the rest of my family arrives home.

Sunday – Woke up to so much neck pain.  Now, I would like to say that it was just due to plain old hard labor, but no, just the restless nights of a worrier!  Well that is swell isn’t it?  No one to blame but myself. However,  I do have some things to be concerned with i.e. soon to be unemployed, I am well aware that worrying doesn’t do a lick of good. Coupled with that, I haven’t been running and working out like I should to help with the stress, well there you have it, sore neck and back and it’s my own fault! Hmmm….

Monday – Upon arriving home from work  I was trying to get a handle on the weekend clutter and nurse my sore neck, when a LOUD alarm sounded in my house! I knew that it wasn’t the fire alarm and was horrified to discovered it was my CO detector.  Then I saw the number.  What? 250 plus, I tried resetting it, opened a few windows, and checked our pet cats. Things seemed fine but it warranted a call to the local fire station to have them come and check out the levels for us.

By the time they arrived which really wasn’t more than 10 minutes I was convinced that, maybe I was showing signs of carbon monoxide poisoning.  I was tired, my head did hurt, and was I slightly dizzy now too!!  The cats, well um, they are sleeping.  I wonder if they shouldn’t be awake? Of course they do sleep 23 of 24 hours so it’s hard to know.  Well, in  the end it was all alright no CO was present, I wasn’t really exhibiting any signs for anything other then paranoia and well the cats, they speak for themselves.  Time to replace the CO detector! Whew! (dodged a bullet there) We took care of that on Tuesday.

Tuesday and Wednesday – Come home from work , hot compresses, cold compresses, light a lavender candle, try to relax! Oh, what a pain in the neck! Listened to the umpteenth night of horrible screaming noises in the neighborhood.  Not human, but something blood curdling!

Thursday – Well my neck was feeling better.  I promised myself to run on Friday to relieve stress and stave off future neck and back problems.  It was my Friday, so to speak, on Thursday so that felt good until that phone call from my Mom.  “Just wanted to let you know that there have been three sightings of a cougar out in your neighborhood.”   What? Is that what all that awful screaming has been?  My conclusion is, yes I believe that to be the truth.  So it doesn’t look like I am going to be running anywhere by my house on Friday.  Err! And to top of the evening, I discovered I had lost one of my earrings that a dear friend had given me as a gift.  I looked in vain and found nothing.  Oh, dear.  Well at least tomorrow is Friday.

Friday – I really was going to back out of my plan to run today because well I was in no mood for tangle with an angry cougar.  But in the end I decided to drive about five miles out and then run in the opposite direction and was able to put in three miles.  It was decent I think I even ran faster.  They say cougars can have a several mile radius so that alone put extra pep in my step!  Later while vacuuming I saw, my earring!  Now it would be a nice way to end this, saying I picked it up and reunited it with its mate.  Yes that would be nice, but in reality, I saw it just as I was pushing the vacuum over it.  It was instantaneous, hey there’s my earring! Nooooooooooooo!!! I just couldn’t stop in time!  But I did fish it out of the bag somehow.  It is definitely worse for wear though and it looks like that will be a weekend project.

But I survived until Friday and things are looking up!  I will be reading and replying to my blogging friends in the morning! Cheers!

You Know What It’s Like – Jane


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