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So, What Makes Your Life Easier?

I was going about my daily routine and I thought about how we each have our own little shortcuts, rituals, products that make our days easier.  So I decided to share a few of my favorites with you and I hope that you will each share a couple as well. I think that is some good use of blog space!

  1. This tip is probably more for the ladies or maybe men who enjoy a more hairless existence.  Next time you are out of shave cream try some hair conditioner instead.  Use the inexpensive drugstore or store brand kind and you will discover a wonderful shaving experience.  Not only are your legs shaved closely but they’re smooth and soft as well.  In fact, if you are in a hurry you can actually get away without that after shower moisturizer!
  2. Here is another tip for your personal hygiene.  I am a coffee and tea drinker and although I get my teeth cleaned regularly by the hygienist I still tend to develop teeth stains in between cleanings.  Recently, however I discovered the “magic eraser”. You may have used these wonders to clean around your home and definitely they are magic.  When I open a new box now, I cut off a corner or two and keep them in the medicine cabinet for coffee stain remover on my teeth.  Rinse and brush afterwards, it works great! I buy the storebrand ones.
  3. On to the laundry.  Many of you may own a front loading washer as I do.  I love it because it cleans the clothes well and uses less water.  But after you have these washers they develop an odor.  I don’t care how much you wipe them dry or keep the door ajar they smell eventually.  I know that they have products for cleaning your washer and I have used them but they are costly and they don’t keep it fresh for long.  So I have started adding about 1/2 cup borax (which is a laundry booster) to all of my wash.  Yes, put in your liquid he detergent and then sprinkle the borax on top of the liquid.  The odor is gone and by the way borax is really inexpensive! Voila’!
  4. Another unpleasant odor area may be your microwave.  If you are like me, you don’t wash it out after every single use and well it gets gunky (have you ever check the inside top) eww!  So an easy way to clean it.  I use one cup water mixed with 3 TBLS. baking soda.  Put this in a microwave safe cup (of course) and heat for 2 mins. You can just wipe the inside down easily removing everything.  Just make sure you clean when the time is up, because once it is cooled, well, you’ll have to reheat it!
  5. Here is the best streak free window wash.  Take one gallon of water mix one drop of Dawn dishwashing liquid. I know one drop, right?  This works well especially if you use a squeegee, one sponge side the other rubber.  Yay, you have sparkly windows!

These are  some things that make my life easier.  I hope you will find something here that helps you out in your daily living.  Please share your helpful tips with me.  After all “necessity is the mother of invention” so don’t keep those useful tips to yourselves any longer!  Thanks!

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