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Please Don’t Turn That Page…. a.k.a. (What Will Become of Dewey Decimal?)

So, there is this little thing called the Kindle, also many other applications that you can get for your Iphone, your PC and just about any other device that hooks up with the internet!  I think this is an amazing service an awesome concept. There are so many books at your fingertips, you don’t have to leave the house, in fact you can access pretty much any book from any location.  Nice, I guess…. Well I mean, I did just get the  Kindle app for my pc but… I LOVE THE PUBLIC LIBRARY!!!

I hope that we don’t see the day that the library closes its doors for good.  But I fear that this is the direction we are heading.  Recently, I had the opportunity to vote on a city referendum that would help to fund our city’s libraries.  I happily voted “yes”, funding something that my family and I have enjoyed so much over the years seems like a good way to spend my tax dollars.

Where can you go and borrow something so priceless for numerous weeks with no strings attached? Besides books, you can check out music, movies, periodicals, maps, why you can even check out artwork (WHAT?) that’s right, artwork. And if you need them for a longer period of time you can renew them!  I love it and I am always in awe that I can just walk out with a pile of books. The librarian is willing to cheerfully wish me well, as I make off with maybe hundreds of dollars worth of books and other items that aren’t mine, as long as I return them!

We have “branch” libraries where I live so if I want an item but it is at the “main” library I can just get on the computer and request the item, if it is available they will truck it over to the branch library that is most convenient to me. They will even let me know when it arrives! When my children were small we attended free shows at the library.  They hosted a variety of performers such as  singers,  storytellers, puppeteers, jugglers so many fun things, we enjoyed.

Technology is a wonderful thing, we all make use of it, how else could I be writing this blog that will make its way all over the world!  That  is awesome! However, I hope that I don’t see the day technology replaces the actually bricks and mortar of the library.  I believe that it is an institution that is worth keeping around for the generations.  I just can’t see myself as a grandma cuddling up with my grandkids and my Kindle to look at a picture book together or read a classic bit of literature. I think I will always enjoy turning an actual paper page more than flicking the computer screen. Please don’t turn that page in history and let libraries become obsolete!

Tell me what do you like about the library? Or do you enjoy reading on a device?

You Know What It’s Like – Jane



Daylight Saving And A Day Late!

Okay, so it was daylight saving in my piece of the world technically until Sunday morning! So Fall back not Spring ahead. Yes, check, got that right. I even set all of my clocks the evening before so I could fool myself into thinking that there had been no time change.

I know you are thinking, well an extra hour of sleep or an extra hour in the day. Well it sounds good on paper but it leaves me tired and out of it for a few days. Plus the sun is a bit different and I don’t know it just doesn’t do this body good.

I took my usual steps of planning and things went off with out a hitch! Yay! Not so fast, actually for some reason my alarm clock decided to make its own adjustment back by one hour but instead of it being at 2:00 am Sunday I guess it was 2:00 am on Monday! So that’s right, I got up one hour late on Monday morning, for pete’s sake, and since I am the family alarm clock,so did everyone else in the household!

Yikes! And on a Monday morning so yes, it was one big rush and I have been extremely tired ever since. It would be nice just to follow this standard time all year-round!

Thanks to technology i.e.(the clock being able to fall back itself) I was nearly late to work! Since technology is fallable i.e. (the clock falling back a day too late) well I am a little scarred. Drat you technology, please don’t fail me again, I depend on you way too much!

You Know What It’s Like – Jane

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